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Italian Cuisine Pasta & Steak A-la-carte Menu


Italian cuisine

Pasta & steak


Antipasto:-$ 115

A platter of mix Italian cold cut, mortadella, pepperoni, Parma ham, smoked salmon and selected cheeses.


Soup of the day (pls ask your server)

Insalata di Pollo:-$115

Grilled chicken with pesto sauce on a mix salad and avocado with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Insalata di Manzo:-$115

Grilled beef tenderloin sliced topped of wild rocket, sundried tomatoes, cucumber with parmesan cheese and balsamic dressing

Cozze e lemone:-99

NZ mussel sautéed in white wine garlic sauce and chili, capers with fresh lemon.

Caesar salad:-$118

Romaine lettuce with creamy Caesar dressing aged parmesan cheese slice, egg and garlic croutons with Smoked Salmon or Grilled Chicken or Parma Ham

Della Casa:-$108

Fresh mix salad, olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, artichoke and Parma ham with house vinaigrette.

Tomato Bruschetta:--$88

Toasted French bread topped extra virgin olive oil with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Sardine alla Griglia:-$108

Grilled sardine served with mix salad, olives, capers and lemon.



Seafood Salad:-$118

Fresh mixed seafood in extra virgin olive oil, Italian parsley and lemon dressing on a bed of mixed salad topped with smoked salmon.

Insalata Salmone:-$118

Green mix salad topped with smoked salmon, cherry tomato, cucumber, red/ yellow pepper and capers.


Pasta di Pollo:- $138

Linguine pasta with spinach, bell pepper, capers and grilled chicken strips with white wine garlic sauce.

Spaghetti aglio e olio:-$118

Spaghetti pasta with roasted garlic, parsley and chili flakes with white wine garlic sauce.

Spaghetti  Vegetali:-$128

Spaghetti pasta with fresh mixed vegetable, white wine garlic sauce or tomato basil sauce.

Linguine Granchi:-$148

Linguine pasta with fresh blue swimmer crab meat cooked in chili, tomato and white wine garlic sauce.

Penne Puttanesca:-$145

Anchovies, capers, olives, fresh tomato and chili, topped with parma ham light tomato sauce.

Linguine alla Vongole:-$138

Fresh clams, cherry tomatoes, white wine garlic sauce.

Pasta di Manzo:- $138

Spaghetti pasta with cherry tomatoes, red and yellow pepper and beef tenderloin strips with white wine garlic sauce.

Linguine alla funghi:-$128

Linguine pasta with mixed mushroom, white wine garlic sauce.

Spaghetti Marinara:-$148

Mix seafood shrimps, scallop, mussel, baby octopus with spicy tomato basil sauce or white wine garlic sauce.

Linguine con Capesante:-$155

Linguine pasta tossed with seared sea scallop, cherry tomato, red/yellow pepper with white wine garlic sauce.

Spaghetti alla Bolognese:-$128

An Italian classic mince veal sauce

Penne A matriciana:-$138

An Italian lean bacon pieces, red capsicum with tomato basil spicy sauce.

Penne  Arrabiata:-$128

Roma tomatoes and fresh basil sauce with crushed chili (Can be very hot)

Tagliatelle al Salmone:-$138

Fresh salmon piece, spinach with tomato pink sauce, topped with smoked salmon

Capellini alla panna:-$135

Angel hair pasta with mix mushroom and bacon in cream sauce.

Fettucini alla Carbonara:-$135

Fettuccini pasta with lean bacon pieces in a cream sauce with egg yolk.

Capellini alla Gamberetto:-$145

Angel hair pasta with sautéed shrimps, tomatoes, asparagus and black truffle white wine garlic sauce.


Arborio rice slowly cooked in white wine and chicken broth with cream. Choices of Mix Seafood or Chicken and mushroom or salmon asparagus or mix mushroom.


Ricotta & spinach Ravioli served with black truffle mix mushroom or cream sauce or tomato basil sauce.


Porcini mushroom Tortellini served with tomato sauce or pesto sauce or cream sauce.




Pizza Salmone:-$125

Tomato sauce with mozzarella, capers, red onion and smoked salmon.

Pizza Vegetarian:-$125

Tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and mix vegetables.

Pizza Rocula:-$125

Tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese, crispy rocket, Parma ham sliced and parmesan cheese.

Pizza Pascatore:-$125

Tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese sautéed mix seafood (shrimps, scallop, mussel, red squid and extra olive oils)

Pizza pepperoni:-$125

Tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.


Side Dishes

Grilled Vegetable:-$49

Sautéed Mushroom:-$49/ Green Salad:-$59


Main course

Beef Tenderloin:-$ 208(250g)

NZ beef tenderloin char grilled served with mash & veggies or potato wedges. Choice of sauce pepper, mushroom or red wine sauce.

Rib Eye Steak:-$199(300g)

NZ rib eye char grilled served with mix salad and French fries. Choice of sauce pepper, mushroom or red wine sauce.

Salmon fillet:-$179

Norwegian salmon fillet pan fried served with rosemary mash & grilled veggies and lemon butter sauce.


Baby Lamb Chop:-$208

NZ baby lamb chop served with ratatouille and potato mash with red wine sauce.

Fish fillet:-$159

Pan fried sole fillet served with green mix salad and French fries or mash and veggies or pasta.

Chicken Toscana:-$169

US chicken breast stuffed with mix mushroom, spinach and mozzarella cheese served with mash & veggies, tomato basil sauce.

Grilled Chicken:-$169

US chicken breast served with mash and veggies or Potato wedges with mix mushroom sauce.



Panna Cotta:-$68

Panna cotta served with mix berry compote.


Homemade coffee soaked lady finger biscuit layered with mascarpone cream.

Chocolate mousse:-$68

Chocolate mousse served with mix berry.

Vanilla ice cream:-$35

Vanilla ice cream served with chocolate syrup and raspberry caulis.





All price subject to 10% service charge.


G/f 65 High Street Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong Tel 25177771/ fax 25177772

Web site www.italiancuisine.hk  Email infoitaliancuisine@gmail.com

Soup of the day
Please ask your server today special
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed with creamy dressing, age parmesan cheese, crispy bacon, boiled egg and garliccroutons.
Pasta of the day
Please ask to your server today special pasta
Fish fillet
Pan fried sole fillet served with mash & veggie and lemon butter sauce.
Sirloin Steak
Grilled sirloin steak served with rosemary mash & grilled veggies and mushroom sauce.
Grilled Baby Lamb fillet
Baby lamb tenderloin marinated with rosemary and herbs served with mash & veggies and mint sauce.
Chicken Mushroom Risotto
Arborio rice cooked slowly with white wine, mix mushroom, Grilled chicken and creamy.
Banana Caramel Cake
Served with vanilla ice cream
Tea or Coffee
$98 plus service charge, Add $15 to enjoy both dessert and tea or coffee.
Big bottle of sparkling water/still water $ 29


A platter of mix Italian meat smoke salmon, Parma ham, mortedella, pepperoni and selected cheeses
Marinated squid ring deep fries with tomato spicy sauce
Cozze e lemone
NZ mussel sautéed in white wine garlic sauce, chili, capers and fresh lemon
Caesar salad
Romaine lettuce with creamy Caesar dressing, age parmesan cheese sliced, boiled egg and garlic croutons


Beef tenderloin
Char grilled beef tenderloin served your choice of pasta or mash and veggies or potato wedges.  Selected of sauce mushroom, pepper or red wine sauce
Spaghetti marinara
Mix seafood, shrimp, scallop, mussel, red, squid with spicy tomato basil sauce. Or white wine garlic sauce
Arborio Rice slow cooked white wine with chicken broth and creamy. We serve chicken and mushroom or salmon and asparagus or mix seafood or mix mushroom.
Ravioli ricotta& spinach with mix mushroom or tomato sauce or cream sauce
Salmon fillet
Norwegian chilled salmon filled grilled serve with mash potato and grilled veggies
Selection of dessert special
A glass of white wine or red wine
$250 per person plus 10% service charge


Blue Mussel-1/2 portion $ 98 / Full portion $ 185
Jet fresh steam US blue mussel sautéed in white wine garlic sauce.

Nettuno Salad- $98
A blend of baby green topped with marinated mix seafood, red yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes.

Mix Grilled Seafood-$198
King prawn, scallop, fish fillet, salmon, mussel, sardine and red octopus marinated with lemon and herbs.

Wagyu Rump Steak Aus. (300g.) $235
Char grilled to your desire mash & veggies or pasta or potato wedges. Mushroom sauce or pepper sauce or red wine sauce.

Roasted Game Hen-$149
Us Game Hen marinated with fresh rosemary and herbs served with sautéed broccoli. Spice tomato sauce.

Barramundi Fillet-$149
Pan fried barramundi served with roasted veggies and mash with lemon butter sauce.

Linguine con Capesante-$128
Linguine pasta tossed with seared Canadian scallop white wine garlic sauce.

Tortellini-$ 128
Porcini filled tortellini, mix mushroom with black truffle sauce or tomato sauce.

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